Sessions on Tuesday, January 26

Tuesday of the 2021 Midwinter Conference offered concurrent sessions in three time slots, as well as general, premier, thought leader, and expo sessions! Registrants may access the video showcase through March 5. (The Simon Sinek general session video will be accessible only through February 8.)

Tuesday Sessions by Time

Click on a session time to see a list of sessions offered at that time on Tuesday, January 26. Then click on the session title to read the session description.


Supporting Emotionally Disturbed Students – Is It Really Possible in Public Schools?

Thought Leader Session: Compelled to Change Part 2: Deep Dive

Leaning N2 an Inspired Future

Thought Leader Session: Compelled to Change, Part 1: Applying Lessons Learned from Eastman Kodak

Reflection on Best-laid COVID Plans

Social/Emotional Planning and the Built Environment

Rural Education and the Virtual Environment

Mitigating Learning Loss through Educator Development

Providing a Powerful Business Community with Options in Crowley ISD

School Buildings Playing an Important Role in Student Physical and Mental Well-being

Capture the Opportunity: Steps to Redesign School-Level Systems for Equity

Equitable Access to a Meaningful High School Diploma

Leveraging iPad to Support Literacy for Emergent Readers and English Learners

Resources and Supports for Advanced Placement Success

The Retirement Tsunami: How Aspiring Superintendents Can Be Prepared for Opportunities

Work from Home Strategies

All Means All: Creating Equitable Academic Opportunities for Students

Engaging Your Community for Life After COVID-19

Remote Engagement: Reflect, Look to the Future, and Prepare for What Comes Next

Teacher Incentive Allotment Updates and Best Practices from the Field

Assistant Principal Leadership Academy (APL)

Seize the Opportunity – The Benefits of Socorro ISD’s Year-Round (Intersessional) Calendar

Student Agency via Voice During the Pandemic: What Were Students Saying?

Addressing Systemic Racism is So Much More than Diversity Training

TRS-ActiveCare: Moving Forward Together

How Austin ISD Supercharged its Culture to Stay Ahead of Questions this Fall

The New Pajama Game: Providing Virtual PD During the Pandemic

Implementing a Collaboration System to Support At-Home Learning: Responding, Operating, and Innovating

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural Districts – A Research Partnership

Connecting Strategic Plans to a Successful Tax Ratification Election

Building a Successful Marketing Plan for the District

School Transformation Through Servant Leadership

Structures to Support Equitable Instruction for English Learners During the Pandemic

Preparing for Post COVID-19 by Narrowing Focus to Things that Really Matter

Designing for Mental and Emotional Health

Designing Resiliency for Students, Schools, and Communities

Thought Leader Session: Trauma-Informed Instructional Practices

Educator Growth is Key to Student Growth

Google for Admins: Strategies for Bridging the Distance with Hands-on Learning

EISD eLearning

Thought Leader Session: Leadership in the Midst of Chaos

Property Insurance through the Roof! What Now?

WIN Mondays: What I Need Mondays

Prioritizing SEL & Supportive Relationships During the Pandemic

Building School Around Students: 4 Districts Reimagine School During the Pandemic

School Finance Prospects in the 87th Legislative Session

How Round Rock ISD Redefined School Policing with a Focus on Equity and Behavioral Health

Adapting to a Frequently Changing Environment is Key to a Successful Bond Election

Pivot, Swerve, Focus – Three Words to Guide Communications During and Beyond a Crisis

Thought Leader Session: Continuous Improvement and Strategy Execution

Hope Squad Peer to Peer Suicide Prevention Program

From COVID to COHESIVE: How Unified Planning and Strengths-Based Leadership Can Help Navigate Any Uncertainty

Minimizing the Impact of Leave-Related Termination

Supporting Principals Through COVID Cases: Tools, Processes, and Procedures

The Curriculum Management Audit: An Organizational Analysis Examining Teaching and Learning

Instructional Transparency and Community-Based Accountability Systems

Colonial Hegemony in Education: Under Identified Indigenous Students in Texas

Protecting the Learning Environment by Restoring School Culture

It’s a Remarkable Story!

Identifying Disproportionality to Close the Digital Divide

Building a Pipeline of Future Board Members and Community-Based Leaders

TRS, COVID, and Financial Shocks. What Should I Do Now?

Thought Leader Session: Thrive Through The Five – Practical Truths to Powerfully Lead through Challenging Times

General Session: Mike Morath

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