Leveling Up: A Focus for Women Leaders – Next Steps in Your Career

Brenda Arteaga, Director for Special Populations, Harris County Department of Education
Holly Morris-Kuentz, Deputy Superintendent, Lake Travis ISD
Mechiel Rozas, UT Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Currently, 27% of the nation’s superintendents are women, while in Texas, women superintendents comprise 19%. Research comes to life as current female superintendents discuss the barriers, dispel the myths, and compose their own personal pathway forward in their leadership journey. This session will focus on women in leadership, creating relationships, and seeking mentors.

The Retirement Tsunami: How Aspiring Superintendents Can Be Prepared for Opportunities

Mason Moses, Senior Advisor, TCG Advisors

COVID-19 has triggered a number of retirements in the last year, with more expected over the next 12 months. Many of these may have originally been planned for years in the future, but recent developments sped up the timeline. Aspiring superintendents have the opportunity to seek out several positions, but to be successful, they need an understanding of what red flags may exist in the search process and what they can (and should) expect in their initial contract negotiation.

TRS, COVID, and Financial Shocks. What Should I Do Now?

Mason Moses, Senior Advisor, TCG Advisors
Christopher Jamail, Chief Marketing Officer, TCG Advisors
Mike Cochran, Chairman of the Board, TCG Advisors

Many educators, especially school administrators, have faced significant challenges over the last year, causing many to contemplate retiring from the profession. For some, this is doable and they need to know what steps they need to take to have a successful retirement. For others, they would be doing themselves a long-term disservice by retiring early. It is important that educators know the facts and have access to the information necessary to make the right decision for their situation.