Crowdsourcing for Culture, Connection and Trust in Your Community

Laura Milne, Account Executive, Thoughtexchange

Research has shown decisions made by broader, more inclusive, diverse groups have a higher likelihood of better organizational and community outcomes. But how can education leaders do this kind of work both efficiently, equitably, and during times of uncertainty or isolation? In this session, participants will hear from leaders who leveraged crowdsourcing to enable their entire community (not just the loudest voices) to take ownership of district culture and direction.

Engaging Your Community for Life After COVID-19

Michelle Cavazos, Superintendent, Gregory-Portland ISD
Carrie Gregory, Board Member, Gregory-Portland ISD

Community trust and transparency have always been important. In a post-pandemic world, THEY ARE CRITICAL. In Gregory-Portland ISD, we engaged our community during the fall semester by forming a Community Advisory Committee to help us develop district belief statements, which in turn drive mission, vision, and clear outcomes/measures. This increase in transparency and clarity is helping G-PISD sustain board and community confidence during this challenging time and is positioning us to be ready for post-pandemic strategic actions.

Adapting to a Frequently Changing Environment is Key to a Successful Bond Election

Tim McClure, Assistant Superintendent for Facilities, Northwest ISD
Greg Bonewald, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Victoria ISD
Michael Kuhrt, Superintendent, Wichita Falls ISD

Join this panel of school leaders to learn how they’re successfully managing bond programs and legislative changes while adapting to a pandemic. Hear from those who have passed a bond election in November and some who are going through the planning process now. Either way, a wealth of information will be shared!

Building a Pipeline of Future Board Members and Community-Based Leaders

Celina Estrada Thomas, Superintendent, Hutto ISD

Groom and grow community-based leaders and learn how to engage the community in a meaningful, life-changing manner. See how Hutto ISD created a pipeline of local leaders who agree to be on standby, ready to serve on district leadership committees or run for the school board. Participants will hear from the district leaders who led the sessions and from the Hippo Nation University graduates themselves!

Designing a Pride Campaign that Sticks

Demetrus Liggins, Superintendent, Greenville ISD
Helen Williams, Chief Communications Officer, Greenville ISD
Amy Wade, Public Relations & Marketing Liaison, Greenville ISD

All schools and communities are about the people who make them up. How do leaders capture the mosaic that connects a community? Greenville ISD asked people who they were, what they were about, and what being a part of GISD meant to them. The district listened. The district shared. As community members reflected on how education enriches them, they began to talk about the schools as “us,” not “them.”