Leaning N2 an Inspired Future

Roz Keck, Partner, N2 Learning
Tory Hill, Superintendent, Sweeny ISD
Martha Salazar-Zamora, Superintendent, Tomball ISD
Georgeanne Warnock, Superintendent, Terrill ISD

What is an Inspired Future? Embracing the changes we have talked about for so long, but have not yet risked doing. Accepting the changes we have recently been pushed into. Identifying competencies students need in this unpredictable world. Hear from innovative superintendents whose districts are Leaning N2 an Inspired Future.

Implementing a Collaboration System to Support At-Home Learning: Responding, Operating, and Innovating

Bryon Kolbeck, Chief Technology Officer, Lewisville ISD
Michele Jacobsen, Director, Digital Learning, Lewisville ISD
Michael Griffin, Collaboration and IoT Practice Manager, Netsync Network Solutions

Lewisville ISD will share how they implemented Cisco WebEx’s platform to implement a phased response to COVID-19. This will include tools for calling, collaboration, and meeting tools to support at-home learning. Insights will be shared related to how the solution addresses at-home learning challenges, the benefits for students, parents, and staff, and what the district has done to operationalize the use of the platform beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural Districts – A Research Partnership

Jeremy Thompson, Superintendent, Era ISD
J. Young, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Lamar University

This session will present a unique research model in which three doctoral students from Lamar University partnered with Era ISD to conduct their dissertation research to address concerns related to teacher recruitment and retention in the rural district. This research model was of great practical value to both the school district and the doctoral students, and the resulting data will be shared for the benefit of other rural districts.

Connecting Strategic Plans to a Successful Tax Ratification Election

Doug Williams, Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Christi Morgan, Assistant Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Kyle Penn, Assistant Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Emily White, Director, Communications & Marketing, Sunnyvale ISD

Sunnyvale ISD entered 2018 with high expectations, but administration and board believed it was time to chart a course for the future through strategic planning. The district was set to face financial challenges with the opening of a new campus and uncertainty concerning school finance legislation. Join SISD for a conversation as we discuss how the strategic plan and 22 community meetings led to a successful tax ratification election.

Building a Successful Marketing Plan for the District

Dr. Nikita Russell, Executive Director of Public Relations, Everman ISD
Derrick Thompson, Multimedia Specialist, Everman ISD
Chelsea Davis, Social Media/Website Specialist, Everman ISD

The methodology behind having a successful marketing plan is to know the district’s purpose and goals of the marketing plan. It is important that the plan has content that is goal oriented, attractive to the audience, and retains teachers and students in the district. It is important that districts have a brand and a niche to compete with school choice.