Strategic Planning: The Foundation Through and Beyond the Pandemic

Steven Ebell, Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction, Clear Creek ISD
Lindsey Gunn, Senior Associate, The Cambrian Group

Clear Creek ISD, with the assistance of The Cambrian Group, developed a new strategic plan in 2019. Learn how the plan was leveraged to respond to the pandemic and how the plan will be used to achieve the district’s aspirations for each student to achieve, lead, and contribute with integrity.

Remote Engagement: Reflect, Look to the Future, and Prepare for What Comes Next

Kathleen Jahn, Executive Director of Instruction, Alief ISD
Paula Ross, Assistant Superintendent of Technology, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Matthew Frey, Executive Director Instructional Technology, Plano ISD
Berj Akian, CEO, ClassLink (moderator)

In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, remote learning models were hastily implemented. Disparate policy landscapes, combined with unequal capacity to support remote engagement, created, perhaps, the greatest variability in instructional experiences schools have known. Whether pandemic, inclement weather, or another unforeseen circumstance, engagement must continue. Hear from three districts sharing their experiences building an effective and enduring engagement continuity plan.

Connecting Strategic Plans to a Successful Tax Ratification Election

Doug Williams, Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Christi Morgan, Assistant Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Kyle Penn, Assistant Superintendent, Sunnyvale ISD
Emily White, Director, Communications & Marketing, Sunnyvale ISD

Sunnyvale ISD entered 2018 with high expectations, but administration and board believed it was time to chart a course for the future through strategic planning. The district was set to face financial challenges with the opening of a new campus and uncertainty concerning school finance legislation. Join SISD for a conversation as we discuss how the strategic plan and 22 community meetings led to a successful tax ratification election.

From COVID to COHESIVE: How Unified Planning and Strengths-Based Leadership Can Help Navigate Any Uncertainty

Tom Leonard, Superintendent, Eanes ISD
Jeff Arnett, Deputy Superintendent, Eanes ISD
Jennifer Champagne, Board President, Eanes ISD
John Havenstrite, Board Member, Eanes ISD

Follow a roadmap to a simplified, more cohesive planning process. Against the backdrop of recent COVID-19 circumstances, understand how teamwork and strengths-based leadership can help navigate challenges using milestones that differentiate cohesive planning from conventional strategic planning. Hear examples of how Gallup’s measure of individual attributes can guide board/administrative teamwork and culture building, and leave with a template to create an individualized, multi-year, planning matrix.