Leaning N2 an Inspired Future

Roz Keck, Partner, N2 Learning
Tory Hill, Superintendent, Sweeny ISD
Martha Salazar-Zamora, Superintendent, Tomball ISD
Georgeanne Warnock, Superintendent, Terrill ISD

What is an Inspired Future? Embracing the changes we have talked about for so long, but have not yet risked doing. Accepting the changes we have recently been pushed into. Identifying competencies students need in this unpredictable world. Hear from innovative superintendents whose districts are Leaning N2 an Inspired Future.

School Transformation Through Servant Leadership

Richard Valenta, Deputy Superintendent, Denton ISD
Michael Hill, Assistant Superintendent, Arlington ISD
Courtney Carpenter, Chief Administrative Officer, Midlothian ISD
Neil Dugger, Director of the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership K-12, Dallas Baptist University

The session will utilize the experiences and knowledge of current school leaders to discuss the impact of servant leadership on school transformation. The session will focus on the goals of TASA’s Mission: School Transformation work, which is based on the New Vision for Public Schools. The panelists will discuss the practical implications of servant leadership on school transformation, entertain comments, and take questions.

Transformational Turbulence: Redesigning Learning During a District Closure

Tory Hill, Superintendent, Sweeny ISD
Charolet Kremmer, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Sweeny ISD
Amy Pope, Assistant Superintendent, Sweeny ISD
Amber Stowers, Coordinator of Academic Services and Instructional Technology, Sweeny ISD

The perfect storm creates turbulence that disrupts an organization. Participants will gain insights into the ways in which Sweeny ISD, a small school district, transformed learning during COVID-19. SISD will share their journey of how a bottom-up transformational approach created the conditions most conducive for leaders, teachers, and students to reinvent themselves to reach their greatest potential.

Reimagining School

Stephanie Williams, Executive Director, Organizational Transformation, Fort Bend ISD
Ashley Causey, Director-STEM Curriculum and Instruction, Fort Bend ISD
Melissa Hubbard, Executive Director, Teaching & Learning, Fort Bend ISD
Kwabena Mensah, Assistant Superintendent, Fort Bend ISD

Strategy, systems for communication and collaboration, and a cross-functional design team supported Fort Bend ISD’s transition during COVID-19 to an online work and learning environment. This session will provide participants an opportunity to analyze the district’s transformation efforts through the design team. Participants will engage with leaders, review expectations, systems, and support structures that led to success while reflecting on components that can influence future change efforts.