TRS-ActiveCare: Moving Forward Together

Katrina Daniel, Chief Health Care Officer, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Kyle McKay, Health Care Analyst, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Hear how TRS is moving forward together with districts to enhance TRS-ActiveCare. Learn how TRS leverages its scale and position to offer competitive value, how TRS-ActiveCare plans compare to plans on the market, and participate in discussion of future strategies to offer high-value health benefits for district employees. TRS will present about the TRS-ActiveCare program and will welcome discussion during the presentation and during a Q&A session.

Property Insurance through the Roof! What Now?

Matthew Pearson, Founder, Pearson Legal, P.C.

Participants will learn what to look for in their insurance policies to make sure they are adequately covered, as well as being up-to-date on legislation pertaining to insurance losses from hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The session will also cover how to maximize a claim without needing legal representation, and how to deal with roofers and contractors during a loss.

Compression in a Recession? Prospects for School Funding in a Time of Pandemic

Lynn Moak, Partner, Moak, Casey & Associates
Daniel Casey, Partner, Moak, Casey & Associates
Josh Haney, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates
Catherine Knepp, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates

Moak Casey staff will examine the current state of the Texas economy, the biennial revenue forecast, the cost of the Foundation School Program, and what is being discussed regarding formula funding.