Sessions on Monday, January 25

Monday of the 2021 Midwinter Conference offers concurrent sessions in three time slots, as well as general, premier, thought leader, and expo sessions! With so many options, if you find that you’re interested in more than one session in a particular time slot, no worries! Participate live in one, and watch the recordings of any other sessions later. Registrants may access the video showcase through February 26. Please note that videos will be uploaded as quickly as possible following each session; however, all session recordings may not be available until February 5.

Monday Sessions by Time

Click on a session time to see a list of sessions offered at that time on Monday, January 25. Then click on the session title to read the session description.


Thought Leader Session: Optimize Family Outreach to Improve Student Outcomes

Thought Leader Session: Community-Based Accountability: Lessons Learned and Best Practice

Basics of Educational Facility Planning

Disinfection in a COVID-19 World

Intentional Implementation Leads to Sustainable Reflective Practices

Achieving True Instructional Leadership Through Collaboration

Using Solar to Power a Campus, Decrease Costs, and Discuss Renewable Energy

Reimagining Equity: The Case for Whole-Child Teaching and Learning Approaches

What Does a School’s Master Schedule Say About Equity and Flexibility?

Democratizing Data Across an Organization to Ensure Equity

Amplify Reading for Texas Home Learning

The Key to Transformation: Music as a Bridge Between SEL and Culturally Competent Classrooms

Improving Financial Literacy and FAFSA Completion Rates

Insanely Great Free Resources for College and Career Awareness

Paving the Yellow Brick Road, One Brick at a Time

Strategic Planning: The Foundation Through and Beyond the Pandemic

Supporting Community Through a Trauma-Informed Lens During COVID-19

Meeting the Social Emotional Needs of Staff During a Pandemic

Legislative, Advocacy, and Outreach Support for Local School Districts

SPED 101: What Administrators Need to Know

Leveraging IHE Partnerships for CCR School Model Campuses

The Power of Inclusivity – How Cultural Sensitivity Makes Districts Better

How to Become a Partner in Disability Leadership

Equity and Student Growth in Texas


Addressing Equity and Access in Advanced Academics Programming

What Other Schools Do to Recruit Your Students

A Focus on Comprehension Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

Evaluating Values: How to Maximize Your Funding Through Tax Collection, Property Values, and Audits

Transforming Leadership Systems to Grow Teachers and Improve Instruction

University/District Partnerships: Designing Innovative Programs for Teacher Readiness

Zero Tolerance for Racial Intolerance: Six Strategies for Promoting Racial Equity in Your Schools

Crowdsourcing for Culture, Connection and Trust in Your Community

A Story is Like an Onion

Leveling Up: A Focus for Women Leaders – Next Steps in Your Career

Managing Transitions: Possible Legislative Impact for Emerging from an Accountability Gap Year

STAAR Redesign Update

Thought Leader Session: Strategies to Address the Emotional Issues Arising from Social Isolation 

Leveraging Community Partnerships to Improve Student Access to Behavioral Health Services

Transforming While Transitioning to a New Space and Era!

An Adaptive Iteration Approach: Victoria ISD’s Pandemic Response Planning Process

TASA Legislative Update

Budget Implications of Chapter 21 Contract Management

Keeping Learning Student-Centered in a Hybrid/Concurrent Learning Model

UIL Update

Building Higher Education Partnerships and Networks to Improve Student Outcomes

Leading and Building Through Partnerships

How Has COVID-19 Affected Equity in Education?

Be Courageous – Speak Your Truth

Virtual Learning Studios: Maximizing the Potential of Remote Learning

Have Fun and Engage Your Community, Go LIVE with Your Superintendent

Premier Session: Racism, Equity & Diversity

Premier Session: Legislative & Policy Advocacy

Premier Session: Global Pandemic

Premier Session: Change Leadership

Premier Session: Wellness

General Session: Simon Sinek

How to Access Session Recordings

On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 27, following the TASA Midwinter Conference, all registrants will be sent an email from Vimeo ( that says “Texas Assoc of School Admin shared a Showcase with you on Vimeo.”

That email includes a link to the online showcase of session recordings. It also includes (look for the red text) each registrant’s personalized password to access the video showcase.

Registrants may access the video showcase through February 26. Please note that videos will be uploaded as quickly as possible; however, all session recordings may not be available in the Showcase until February 5.

TCPEA Sessions

The Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration (TCPEA) typically conducts a Conference Within a Conference in conjunction with the TASA Midwinter Conference. This year, TCPEA will conduct its sessions via Zoom on Monday, January 25.

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