Susan Ard, Director, Communications, Cleveland ISD

Learn how a district passed four bonds in five years. Focus on needs for the bond, knowing how to choose the right PAC leader and company to help promote the bond, PAC funding, lines not to cross, communication with staff and parents, and getting out the importance of the bond to the community as a whole.

A Story is Like an Onion

Cecelia Jones, Director, Communications, Little Elm ISD

The purpose of this session is to challenge participants to think about how to find and tell unique stories for the purpose of connecting and engaging their community. Take an onion, peel it back, and discover what’s underneath the surface of the common stories schools tell every day! This is the secret trick to telling a story from a unique perspective.

Have Fun and Engage Your Community, Go LIVE with Your Superintendent

Bruce Gearing, Superintendent, Leander ISD
Corey Ryan, Chief Communications Officer, Leander ISD
Crestina Hardie, Communications Specialist, Leander ISD

Teachers were asked to connect with students while buildings were closed, but what about district leaders? See the story of how Leander ISD remotely launched a full-blown television production, keeping the focus on kids and teaching while engaging a community. LISD shares the good, the bad, and the ugly from their first season of “Let’s Learn with Bruce and Friends.” See the budget, tech, and results!

Building a Successful Marketing Plan for the District

Dr. Nikita Russell, Executive Director of Public Relations, Everman ISD
Derrick Thompson, Multimedia Specialist, Everman ISD
Chelsea Davis, Social Media/Website Specialist, Everman ISD

The methodology behind having a successful marketing plan is to know the district’s purpose and goals of the marketing plan. It is important that the plan has content that is goal oriented, attractive to the audience, and retains teachers and students in the district. It is important that districts have a brand and a niche to compete with school choice.

Pivot, Swerve, Focus – Three Words to Guide Communications During and Beyond a Crisis

Brad Hunt, Superintendent, Coppell ISD
Angela Brown, Executive Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Coppell ISD
Amanda Simpson, Director of Communications, Coppell ISD

Explore strategies and examples for pivoting (being appropriately reactive), swerving (proactively adjusting), and focusing on core values as a filter for communications and engagement. Through the lens of lessons learned from COVID-19, attendees will examine strategies for strategic planning, tools to foster communication and engagement, viewing data to proactively guide communications, and reaching varied audiences.