Thought Leader Session: Compelled to Change Part 2: Deep Dive

David Vroonland, Superintendent, Mesquite ISD
Ron Espinosa, Director of Education, SoftServe
Alona Golopuz, Solutions Consultant, SoftServe
Kevin Hodges, Regional Manager, Google for Education
Kyle Azua, GCP Program Manager, Google for Education

Join Google and Mesquite ISD as they take a deep dive into their Ayo program featured in their previous Thought Leader session.

Thought Leader Session: Optimize Family Outreach to Improve Student Outcomes

Panelists: Todd Rogers, Professor of Public Policy and Director of Student Social Support R&D Lab, Harvard; Derek LIttle, Deputy Chief of Academics, Dallas ISD
Facilitator: Nicole Bosworth, Ed.D., Director of District Partnerships, EveryDay Labs

Chronic absenteeism is a key indicator that a student is at risk. These students are less likely to achieve math and literacy proficiency, less likely to graduate from high school, and less likely to enroll in university. COVID-19 creates unique challenges for promoting strong attendance with the most vulnerable students disproportionately impacted by the negative consequences. Join a panel discussion about attendance and addressing chronic absenteeism in the COVID-19 environment and beyond. We’ll discuss behavioral science insights, effective family communication, and data-driven approaches to building a comprehensive attendance solution at the district level.

Thought Leader Session: Community-Based Accountability: Lessons Learned and Best Practice

John Tanner, Founder and Executive Director, BraveED

The Community-Based Accountability System (CBAS) movement started in Texas five years ago and has been growing across the country ever since. While the past year has brought any number of challenges to this effort, it has also allowed for a rethinking regarding implementation. What used to take years now takes months, and while the tools and frameworks have changed very little, if at all, using them is now easier than ever, all thanks to learning how to work in the new normal.

Thought Leader Session: Compelled to Change, Part 1: Applying Lessons Learned from Eastman Kodak

David Vroonland, Superintendent, Mesquite ISD
Angel Rivera, Asst Superintendent for Innovation & Leadership at Mesquite ISD
Cara Jackson, Executive Director Instructional Technology at Mesquite ISD
Lisa Lovato, Innovation and Personalized Learning Specialist at Mesquite ISD

Like Eastman Kodak, schools run the risk of clinging to strategies rather than purpose. Learn to build a purpose-driven strategy today for better student outcomes tomorrow. Come see how AYO can help serve the purpose of education for the sake of our students.

Thought Leader Session: Strategies to Address the Emotional Issues Arising from Social Isolation 

Ruby Payne, CEO, aha! Process, Inc.

This session will focus on re-engagement after the pandemic is contained. Re-engagement will require emotional connections and meaning. Hear from best-selling author, Ruby Payne, about the “emotional tells” the body gives, the tools needed for brain/emotional development — particularly for adolescents — and gain some tools for re-engaging “lost” students.