Thought Leader Session: Compelled to Change, Part 1: Applying Lessons Learned from Eastman Kodak

David Vroonland, Superintendent, Mesquite ISD
Angel Rivera, Asst Superintendent for Innovation & Leadership at Mesquite ISD
Cara Jackson, Executive Director Instructional Technology at Mesquite ISD
Lisa Lovato, Innovation and Personalized Learning Specialist at Mesquite ISD

Like Eastman Kodak, schools run the risk of clinging to strategies rather than purpose. Learn to build a purpose-driven strategy today for better student outcomes tomorrow. Come see how AYO can help serve the purpose of education for the sake of our students.

Hope Squad Peer to Peer Suicide Prevention Program

Holly Ferguson, Superintendent, Prosper ISD
Alexis Webb, Director, Program Evaluation and Curriculum Support, Prosper ISD
Tony Cooper, Teacher/Coach Hope Squad Advisor, Prosper ISD

Hope Squads seek to reduce self-destructive behavior and youth suicide by training and creating change in schools and communities. They can increase inclusion throughout the school, train students to recognize suicide warning signs, and build positive relationships among peers to facilitate acceptance for seeking help. Hope Squads work to change the school culture reducing stigmas about mental health.

From COVID to COHESIVE: How Unified Planning and Strengths-Based Leadership Can Help Navigate Any Uncertainty

Tom Leonard, Superintendent, Eanes ISD
Jeff Arnett, Deputy Superintendent, Eanes ISD
Jennifer Champagne, Board President, Eanes ISD
John Havenstrite, Board Member, Eanes ISD

Follow a roadmap to a simplified, more cohesive planning process. Against the backdrop of recent COVID-19 circumstances, understand how teamwork and strengths-based leadership can help navigate challenges using milestones that differentiate cohesive planning from conventional strategic planning. Hear examples of how Gallup’s measure of individual attributes can guide board/administrative teamwork and culture building, and leave with a template to create an individualized, multi-year, planning matrix.

Minimizing the Impact of Leave-Related Termination

Karen Dooley, HR Consultant, Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)

Exhaustion of leave termination can be problematic if treatment of employees is not fair and consistent. To reduce risk, procedures should be implemented to manage absences. It is important to know and use applicable policies and communicate with employees during the process. Best practices for leave administration will be provided.

Supporting Principals Through COVID Cases: Tools, Processes, and Procedures

Linda Ellis, Superintendent, Grand Prairie ISD
Michelle Brinkman, Director of Special Programs, Grand Prairie ISD

Explore the system Grand Prairie ISD implemented in response to the COVID pandemic, and receive the tools the district developed to guide principals through the important work of contact tracing and notifying families.