Leveraging IHE Partnerships for CCR School Model Campuses

Clarissa Torres, Deputy Director, Educate Texas
Susan Henderson, Deputy Director, Programs, Educate Texas

The growth of the Texas CCR School Models network to over 400 campuses has created a wellspring of best practices. Educate Texas and campus leaders will share insights into leveraging IHE partnerships to build and sustain CCR School Model campuses while aligning goals with these partners to achieve state outcomes.

University/District Partnerships: Designing Innovative Programs for Teacher Readiness

Trina Persson, Director, Recruitment & Retention, New Caney ISD
Christine Corson, Recruiting and Retention Specialist, Conroe ISD
Stacey Edmonson, Dean, College of Education, Sam Houston State University
Jannah Nerren, Associate Dean for Planning and Assessment, Sam Houston State University

This session will focus on three district/university partnerships for clinical teaching. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and challenges from the university and district panelists who have been instrumental in the development, implementation, and evaluation of these programs. Handouts for participants will provide steps and processes for building collaborative relationships that improve both university and district programs and provide a higher level of support for teacher candidates.

Building Higher Education Partnerships and Networks to Improve Student Outcomes

Adrain Johnson, Superintendent, Hearne ISD
Delic Loyde, Executive Director, Hearne ISD
Dr. Matthew Etchelles, Director of Educational Outreach, Texas A&M University

Presenters will detail a protocol for engaging higher education stakeholders that develops partnerships. Participants will join in authentic discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities involved in this process. Using the playground concept, half of the session will be dedicated to hands-on work with participants working to answer their questions and help determine next steps in the creation of a design for their own higher education engagement model.