Thought Leader Session: Optimize Family Outreach to Improve Student Outcomes

Panelists: Todd Rogers, Professor of Public Policy and Director of Student Social Support R&D Lab, Harvard; Derek LIttle, Deputy Chief of Academics, Dallas ISD
Facilitator: Nicole Bosworth, Ed.D., Director of District Partnerships, EveryDay Labs

Chronic absenteeism is a key indicator that a student is at risk. These students are less likely to achieve math and literacy proficiency, less likely to graduate from high school, and less likely to enroll in university. COVID-19 creates unique challenges for promoting strong attendance with the most vulnerable students disproportionately impacted by the negative consequences. Join a panel discussion about attendance and addressing chronic absenteeism in the COVID-19 environment and beyond. We’ll discuss behavioral science insights, effective family communication, and data-driven approaches to building a comprehensive attendance solution at the district level.

Paving the Yellow Brick Road, One Brick at a Time

Lacey Rainey, Area Superintendent, Denton ISD
Rachel Falknor, Coordinator, Intervention Services, Denton ISD

MTSS and Section 504 and Dyslexia … oh my! By reallocating personnel and integrating the processes within each program, Denton ISD began a cycle of continuous improvement that helps ensure student academic and social-emotional success. Join district representatives to learn how they paved their yellow brick road, one brick at a time, to lessen teacher frustration, identify students’ needs, and correct systemic problems.

Strategic Planning: The Foundation Through and Beyond the Pandemic

Steven Ebell, Deputy Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction, Clear Creek ISD
Lindsey Gunn, Senior Associate, The Cambrian Group

Clear Creek ISD, with the assistance of The Cambrian Group, developed a new strategic plan in 2019. Learn how the plan was leveraged to respond to the pandemic and how the plan will be used to achieve the district’s aspirations for each student to achieve, lead, and contribute with integrity.

Supporting Community Through a Trauma-Informed Lens During COVID-19

Niloy Gangopadhyay, Director, Special Populations, Texas Education Agency

The concern and energy around student and staff mental health and emotional well-being is at its highest level. This session will review the idea of trauma and its impact, trauma-informed school community practices, and educator wellness to support school systems during the pandemic.

Meeting the Social Emotional Needs of Staff During a Pandemic

Brad Hunt, Superintendent, Coppell ISD
Angie Applegate, Assistant Superintendent, Coppell ISD
Kristen Streeter, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, Coppell ISD

Taking care of a district’s staff is more important than ever during these challenging times. Coppell ISD will share training and strategies that are aligned to social and emotional learning to support the needs of staff in order to sustain a successful work environment.