The Curriculum Management Audit: An Organizational Analysis Examining Teaching and Learning

Jana Rueter, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, San Angelo ISD
Opal Core, Director, Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center

Learn how Curriculum Management Audit services can equip leadership teams with tools to objectively evaluate all facets of the organization that impact student learning. Curriculum Management Audits and related trainings provide a structured approach to evaluating curriculum, assessment, and program design; instructional delivery; and policy direction.

Instructional Transparency and Community-Based Accountability Systems

Lamond Dean, Superintendent, Chapel Hill ISD (ESC 07)
Kim Tunnell, Vice President of Curriculum Management, Education Advanced, Inc.
Research shows that students whose parents are engaged in the learning process have a more successful education experience. The truth is, some parents know what their students are learning, but few know what they SHOULD learn. Curriculum transparency and easily accessible school-related information engages parents and supports student achievement.

Colonial Hegemony in Education: Under Identified Indigenous Students in Texas

Beverly Irby, Regents Professor, TAMU and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Texas A&M University
Carl Fahrenwald, Assistant Clinical Professor, Texas A&M University-College of Education & Human Development
Rafael Lara-Alecio, Division Chair, Bilingual/ESL Programs, Texas A&M University-College of Education & Human Development
Estanislado Paz, Executive Director, Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (TALAS)

Learn how dominant culture disconnects and marginalizes Lakota Nation students. Learn about the cross border tribal populations in Mexico and the United States, what it means for surviving and navigating Hispanic and Anglo dominant systems, and the value of identifying and serving the unique needs of marginalized indigenous populations.

Protecting the Learning Environment by Restoring School Culture

Julia Andrews, Center for Safe and Secure Schools, Director, Harris County Department of Education
Darlene Breaux, Director of Research and Evaluation Institute, Harris County Department of Education

Learn about an in-depth study of the impact of Restorative Practice and Cultural Responsiveness on an urban school in Harris County. The goals of the project were to improve school cultural climate, increase school safety, and reduce suspension rates in order to protect students’ class time and further improve their academic performance.

It’s a Remarkable Story!

Demetrus Liggins, Superintendent, Greenville ISD
Helen Williams, Chief Communications Officer, Greenville ISD
Scott Milder, Founder, Friends of Texas Public Schools
Leslie Milder, Founder, Friends of Texas Public Schools

Public schools are achieving more today than ever before. Unfortunately, the public hears a much different story from loud, mostly misinformed and sometimes misguided sources. Educators must step up and take control of their remarkable story. Attend this session and hear from one school district that has teamed up with Friends of Texas Public Schools to do just that.