Managing through a Pandemic: How to Maintain Access and Equity

Jennifer Porter, Managing Director, OnRamps, The University of Texas at Austin
Lee Ann O’Loughlin, Advanced Academic Coordinator, Castleberry ISD

In March 2020, the gaps in access and equity were monumentally magnified by the disruption of COVID-19. Castleberry ISD and Northside ISD, in partnership with OnRamps, were able to ensure their students remained engaged in dual enrollment courses across diverse campuses with attention to equity. This presentation will focus on the strategies and frameworks in place to meet the needs of students in an evolving learning context.

A+: Enlisting Community Partners to Promote Social-Emotional Learning

Matthew Neighbors, Principal, Galveston ISD
Elizabeth Brown, Galveston ISD
Michelle Hammonds, Assistant Principal, Galveston ISD

Beginning in 2019, Austin Middle School in Galveston ISD launched an innovative “A+” period to begin each school day. Created with express social-emotional goals based on campus survey data, the innovative program has increased parent and community involvement. Hear how a comprehensive focus on student growth has captivated stakeholders and driven partnerships to support student outcomes.

Prioritizing College Readiness During a Pandemic

Monica Baines, Director, Advanced Academic Services, Alief ISD
Angela Dominguez, Assistant Superintendent of Academics, Edgewood ISD (ESC 20)
Michelle Swain, Director, Gifted and Advanced Academic Services, Round Rock ISD
Roel Piseno, Sr., Area VP, K-12 Programs, Central Region, The Princeton Review

Educators have adapted to the challenges of the moment, implementing effective virtual learning strategies while supporting students and staff through uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Join our panel discussion with district leaders who will share how their districts assess students’ most urgent college-readiness needs and how they provide support virtually.