Choosing Love: Fostering School Safety from the Inside Using Focused SEL Approach

Shae Owens, Counselor, Hillsboro ISD
Aleshia Fleming, Counselor, Hillsboro ISD
Stephanie Tucker, Principal, Hillsboro ISD
Robin Ralston, Principal, Hillsboro ISD

Social and emotional learning continues to be at the forefront of educational research as an integral part of a child’s life-long education. Hillsboro ISD embraces the FREE Jessie Lewis Choose Love For Schools to teach SEL skills combined with Character Education, Mindfulness, and Neuroscience. We will share how to positively impact your school culture and community with this focused approach to SEL using the universal message of “Choosing Love.”

First Aid for the Post-Pandemic Classroom: Helping Teachers Help Students

Molly Adams, Curriculum Coordinator, Royse City ISD
Taryne Dismuke, Executive Director, Cultural Development, Royse City ISD

Teachers now serve on a different “front line” — helping students recover from feeling disconnected and behind. How can leaders help teachers help kids better? In this workshop, leaders will develop tools to create safe conversation spaces and restore joy. Come create more thoughtful responses to this “new normal,” which is now just … normal.