General Session: Simon Sinek

Conversation with Simon Sinek Moderated by Kevin Brown, TASA Executive Director

Optimist and Author of “Start With Why” and “The Infinite Game”

Infinite Game: How can we win a game that has no end? The simple answer is we can’t. However, that’s exactly what so many organizations are trying to do. The problem is, there is no such thing as “winning education.” In a game with no finish line and no agreed upon rules or metrics it is impossible to “be number one” or “be the best.” In this Infinite Game, there is only ahead and behind.

Leaders of organizations must understand the rules of the Infinite Game. Failure to do so dramatically increases the chance that they will set themselves on a path that eventually drains them of the will and resources to play at all. Eventually they will drop out of the game and no one will care. The game will go on without them.

In his talk, Simon explores how understanding the rules of the Infinite Game is essential if any leader wants to stay ahead forever.