Social/Emotional Planning and the Built Environment

Chris Allen, Superintendent, Marble Falls ISD
Kerri Ranney, VP of Educational Practice, Huckabee
Jason Andrus, Principal, Huckabee

How can schools create well-rounded, healthy environments that address a variety of student needs? While threats of harm and infectious disease control are guiding the narrative, mental wellness rounds out a more holistic conversation. Session leaders explore social/emotional planning, student perspective and design, and culture building for positive mental health.

Rural Education and the Virtual Environment

Christine Bedre, Assistant Superintendent, Westwood ISD
Chance Mays, Principal, Mount Enterprise ISD
Deanna Ramsey, Math Interventionist, Detroit ISD
Daniel Crable, Virtual Partnership Manager, Edmentum

A panel of rural administrators will discuss and guide participants through their journey into the virtual environment created by the pandemic. They will discuss the preparation of, and adaptation to, a virtual learning setting, as well as best practices for planning around a continuously changing educational landscape in our rural communities.

Mitigating Learning Loss through Educator Development

Yolanda Rodriguez, Interim Chief Academic Officer, Houston ISD
Shannon Buerk, Chief Executive Officer, engage2learn

Houston ISD employed a Coaches Academy for Elementary Reading Teacher Development Specialists with a focus on improving blended learning instructional best practices known to accelerate teacher growth and provide students with differentiated and engaging lessons in a hybrid environment. Houston ISD focused on increasing teacher support capacity, leadership skills, and virtual learning expertise. Specialists were quickly able to support teachers through an evidence-based coaching model to show sustainable, educator growth.

Providing a Powerful Business Community with Options in Crowley ISD

Michael McFarland, Superintendent, Crowley ISD
Lauren Brown, Principal, VLK Architects

Hear the Crowley ISD superintendent’s position on the importance of a strong workforce, and see how housing both career and technology education pathways and an early college high school at the new Bill R. Johnson Career and Technology Center contributes to student choices that lead to community success. Workforce data in the growing Crowley area and the process of a design that would house diverse academic programs will be shared.

School Buildings Playing an Important Role in Student Physical and Mental Well-being

Craig Wilson, Director, Digital Learning, Temple ISD
Shivani Langer, Principal, Stantec
Zach Schneider, Partner/Electrical Engineer, CMTA, Inc.

Discuss ways by which schools can be designed to provide healthier environments, incorporate natural elements like Biophilic Design, and how learning can be taken outdoors to enhance mental well-being. Reduced stress levels are known to help with immunity, which is more important than ever during COVID-19.