Zero Tolerance for Racial Intolerance: Six Strategies for Promoting Racial Equity in Your Schools

Charli Searcy, Legal Liability Risk Consultant, Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)

Schools are responsible for maintaining fairness in all aspects of their educational programs and activities, including race, color, and national origin. How can racial intolerance be addressed? How can staff and students stay informed and help eliminate discriminatory behavior? This session will answer these questions through six strategies.

Crowdsourcing for Culture, Connection and Trust in Your Community

Laura Milne, Account Executive, Thoughtexchange

Research has shown decisions made by broader, more inclusive, diverse groups have a higher likelihood of better organizational and community outcomes. But how can education leaders do this kind of work both efficiently, equitably, and during times of uncertainty or isolation? In this session, participants will hear from leaders who leveraged crowdsourcing to enable their entire community (not just the loudest voices) to take ownership of district culture and direction.

A Story is Like an Onion

Cecelia Jones, Director, Communications, Little Elm ISD

The purpose of this session is to challenge participants to think about how to find and tell unique stories for the purpose of connecting and engaging their community. Take an onion, peel it back, and discover what’s underneath the surface of the common stories schools tell every day! This is the secret trick to telling a story from a unique perspective.

Leveling Up: A Focus for Women Leaders – Next Steps in Your Career

Brenda Arteaga, Director for Special Populations, Harris County Department of Education
Holly Morris-Kuentz, Deputy Superintendent, Lake Travis ISD
Mechiel Rozas, UT Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at Austin

Currently, 27% of the nation’s superintendents are women, while in Texas, women superintendents comprise 19%. Research comes to life as current female superintendents discuss the barriers, dispel the myths, and compose their own personal pathway forward in their leadership journey. This session will focus on women in leadership, creating relationships, and seeking mentors.

Managing Transitions: Possible Legislative Impact for Emerging from an Accountability Gap Year

Terry Faucheux, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates
Alicia Thomas, Consultant, Moak, Casey & Associates
Monica Zdrojewski, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates

Brick and mortar campuses transformed into virtual schools, parents became homeschool teachers, state assessments were canceled, and accountability was suspended. Administrators and educators demonstrated grit and resilience in responding to the crisis in nimble and flexible ways. What does the future hold for academics, assessment, and accountability? Come learn about the 87th Texas Legislature’s reactions and choices for accountability and assessment in the years to come.