Zero Tolerance for Racial Intolerance: Six Strategies for Promoting Racial Equity in Your Schools

Charli Searcy, Legal Liability Risk Consultant, Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)

Schools are responsible for maintaining fairness in all aspects of their educational programs and activities, including race, color, and national origin. How can racial intolerance be addressed? How can staff and students stay informed and help eliminate discriminatory behavior? This session will answer these questions through six strategies.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Equity in Education?

Charles Dupre, Superintendent, Fort Bend ISD
Ricardo Lopez, Superintendent, Garland ISD
Robert Bostic, Superintendent, Stafford Municipal School District
Martha Salazar-Zamora, Superintendent, Tomball ISD
Estanislado Paz, Executive Director, Texas Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (TALAS)

The panelists will share their equity agenda and discuss strategies and recommendations. Participants will join in the conversation led by the panelists. The impact of the pandemic has created a new normal in Texas public school systems, and this session will address the corresponding challenges and collateral damage to the equity agenda. Collaborative efforts between TASBE and TALAS, along with advocacy efforts during the legislative session, will be discussed.

Be Courageous – Speak Your Truth

Cathy Sewell, Chief Academic Officer, Duncanville ISD
Tiara Richard, Chief Communications Officer, Duncanville ISD

Explore and learn about one district’s journey to address racism and its effects on equity. Participants will identify the underlying impacts of institutionalized racism, mitigate the negative effects of racial marginalization through structured dialogue, and discover Courageous Conversations to share truth for increased administrator learning.

Capture the Opportunity: Steps to Redesign School-Level Systems for Equity

Sheleah Reed, Chief Communications Officer, Aldine ISD
Shelby McIntosh, Managing Partner, Education Elements
Jessica Anderson, Marketing Project Manager, Education Elements

The pandemic has created an opportunity to change the narrative around universal student achievement and design new systems aimed at creating opportunities for achievement for all. Learn immediate steps to take and hear how one district has been inspired to do this work here in Texas.

Equitable Access to a Meaningful High School Diploma

Nicole Pestano, National Curriculum Consultant, Edgenuity

The Opportunity Myth,” challenges the integrity and promise of high school graduation. To make the myth a reality, students need equitable access to grade level content/assignments, strong instruction, deep engagement, expert teachers, and social and emotional learning. Learn how schools can support efforts to prepare all students for success after graduation.