Assistant Principal Leadership Academy (APL)

Eddie Coulson, Partner, N2 Learning
Roz Keck, Partner, N2 Learning
Lisa Garcia, Senior Associate, N2 Learning

In partnership with TASA, N2 Learning is developing assistant principals with the beliefs, skills, and expertise to make the ideas and strategies outlined in Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas a reality. APL provides collaborative experiences and networking opportunities in cohorts across the state, and each APL session is designed to help APs be better in their current role and help prepare them for the principalship.

Seize the Opportunity – The Benefits of Socorro ISD’s Year-Round (Intersessional) Calendar

Jose Espinoza, Superintendent, Socorro ISD
Alisa Zapata, Chief Academic Officer, Socorro ISD
Marivel Macias, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, Socorro ISD

Dr. Espinoza believes a year-round calendar is an essential piece to the puzzle in closing achievement gaps. Since 2012, Socorro ISD set out to maximize the benefits of a year-round calendar working with stakeholders to launch initiatives and incorporate systems to meet student needs using a data-driven, hands-on leadership approach.

Student Agency via Voice During the Pandemic: What Were Students Saying?

Kenneth Hutchens, Chief Creative Officer, VLK Architects
Dalane Bouillion, Principal, VLK Architects
Christian Owens, Principal of Educational Design, VLK Architects

Participants will experience evidence of how student voice has influenced design spaces for the future. Senior creative and design leaders will facilitate a discussion regarding the relationship between learning and the lack of school experience during the pandemic. Student opinions reveal ideas regarding the lack of learning environment during the pandemic, and thoughts for the future, as design must progress for both academic and socialization needs.

Addressing Systemic Racism is So Much More than Diversity Training

Jeannie Stone, Superintendent, Richardson ISD

The superintendent of Richardson ISD possesses a strong passion for racial equity work. Too many districts struggle with this work because it isn’t fully supported by the superintendent and/or board. Learn from her journey and how she has authentic conversations with staff and community about race and its relationship to the achievement gap. It isn’t easy, and it takes time, but RISD is moving along well on their racial equity journey.

TRS-ActiveCare: Moving Forward Together

Katrina Daniel, Chief Health Care Officer, Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Kyle McKay, Health Care Analyst, Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Hear how TRS is moving forward together with districts to enhance TRS-ActiveCare. Learn how TRS leverages its scale and position to offer competitive value, how TRS-ActiveCare plans compare to plans on the market, and participate in discussion of future strategies to offer high-value health benefits for district employees. TRS will present about the TRS-ActiveCare program and will welcome discussion during the presentation and during a Q&A session.