Seize the Opportunity – The Benefits of Socorro ISD’s Year-Round (Intersessional) Calendar

Jose Espinoza, Superintendent, Socorro ISD
Alisa Zapata, Chief Academic Officer, Socorro ISD
Marivel Macias, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, Socorro ISD

Dr. Espinoza believes a year-round calendar is an essential piece to the puzzle in closing achievement gaps. Since 2012, Socorro ISD set out to maximize the benefits of a year-round calendar working with stakeholders to launch initiatives and incorporate systems to meet student needs using a data-driven, hands-on leadership approach.

The Curriculum Management Audit: An Organizational Analysis Examining Teaching and Learning

Jana Rueter, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, San Angelo ISD
Opal Core, Director, Texas Curriculum Management Audit Center

Learn how Curriculum Management Audit services can equip leadership teams with tools to objectively evaluate all facets of the organization that impact student learning. Curriculum Management Audits and related trainings provide a structured approach to evaluating curriculum, assessment, and program design; instructional delivery; and policy direction.

Instructional Transparency and Community-Based Accountability Systems

Lamond Dean, Superintendent, Chapel Hill ISD (ESC 07)
Kim Tunnell, Vice President of Curriculum Management, Education Advanced, Inc.
Research shows that students whose parents are engaged in the learning process have a more successful education experience. The truth is, some parents know what their students are learning, but few know what they SHOULD learn. Curriculum transparency and easily accessible school-related information engages parents and supports student achievement.