2021-22 Budget Cohort for Texas District Leaders – January Event (In-person)

The 2021-22 Budget Cohort for Texas District Leaders is a series of eight events to be held throughout the school year. It is designed to allow your district to better utilize its finance and business functions to support and enhance other areas, including curriculum and instruction, human resources, and special programs, so your superintendent, chief financial officer, chief curriculum officer, and human resources officers should attend together. Up to three team members are included in the registration fee! All training will be led by subject matter experts identified by TASA, TASB, and TASBO and will follow this schedule of topics.

This Training Session

The January 2022 training is the fourth in the series, will be conducted immediately following the TASA Midwinter Conference (12-3:30 p.m., February 2) at the Austin Convention Center, and focuses on the following topics:

  • Understanding Texas demographic trends and how it relates to your district
  • Building a long-term relationship with your chief appraiser

CPE Credit

The 2021-22 Texas District Leaders Budget Cohort will receive 30 hours of training.


Registration is closed for the 2021-22 cohort.

Budget Boot Camp

TASA’s Budget Boot Camp, redesigned in 2020, has long been considered a valuable asset to administrators, but the 2019 Legislature’s House Bill 3 and the financial challenges school districts are facing as a result of the pandemic make attending the 2022 Budget Boot Camp more important than ever. The next Budget Boot Camp will be conducted in conjunction with the 2022 TASA Midwinter Conference.



2022 Schedule

Sunday, January 30, 8 a.m.-12 pm.


Registration is closed for this event; on-site registration will NOT be offered.

What to Bring

The items on this list and your personal laptop (very important!)