Important Dates

Housing Reservations

TASA/TCWSE have reserved blocks of rooms at the hotels listed below for the 2022 TASA Midwinter Conference and the 2022 TCWSE Annual Conference. Reservations in those room blocks may be made through December 6, 2021.

Please use the housing reservation link provided below to book rooms. (Do not contact the hotels directly for reservations in the room block.) All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card at the time of booking.

Questions regarding hotel reservations should be directed to Key Bookings at KBHOUSING@KEYBOOKINGS.ORG

Exhibitor Housing

All exhibiting companies are eligible to reserve hotel rooms within the conference room blocks. Exhibitors should reserve rooms in the block via the attendee housing reservation link.


Modifications and cancellations may be made to an existing reservation using the reservation link, with the acknowledgement number, until December 6, 2021. Cancellations must be made by December 6, 2021, to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. After January 7, 2022, please contact your designated hotel directly.


If you have been unable to secure a hotel reservation because the room blocks are full, please be patient. There are always enough rooms to house all Midwinter attendees. However, some people initially book more rooms than they will need. These rooms are later released and become available. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for rooms within the housing block, please contact the housing bureau at KBHOUSING@KEYBOOKINGS.ORG or 877.205.2871. We appreciate your patience!
Beware Pirate Housing

Midwinter Conference registrants are often contacted with offers for cut-rate housing. Room poachers want to convince you that the offer is made on TASA’s behalf, or that they are a viable alternative to going through our service provider. This is untrue.

Housing for the TASA/TCWSE Conference is handled exclusively by the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau. We establish blocks at the hotels listed below to ensure rooms meet our standards and are offered at a discounted price.

More on Room Poachers

Room poaching is a practice carried out by third-party companies that act as travel agencies, wholesalers, or destination management companies to solicit registrants for room reservations. The poacher might inform you that the hotel room block is “sold out,” and that if you do not book with them immediately, you may not get a room. They often represent themselves as being affiliated with TASA or the conference by illegally using our logo. Sometimes they distribute forms or promotional materials that appear to be issued by TASA.

Room poachers make it more difficult for us to meet our room block commitments, exposing TASA to penalties and increased room rates for our events. Even worse, they often don’t deliver on promises. When registrants arrive, reservations are non-existent or the hotels are not conveniently located. Sometimes the rooms have been canceled and hefty cancellation fees have been placed on the customer’s credit card.


What to Do if You are Contacted

If you are contacted by anyone asking if you need a room for the conference, please get as much information as you can and pass it on to our housing service provider, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau, at reservations@housing4conventions.com.


Hotels with Midwinter Conference Room Blocks

Downloadable Interactive PDF Map of Downtown Austin

Click the hotels shown on the map to see videos about each property.

Housing Questions

Questions regarding hotel reservations should be directed to Key Bookings at KBHOUSING@KEYBOOKINGS.ORG

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